From ‘free time’ (our last album was called ‘Berlin FREETime’) to ‘CRISIS’ … For after the cultural wasteland of the pandemic years of 2020/21, we are forced to acknowledge that our lives in the societies we live and work in aren’t looking much better. Instead of the new freedom we had hoped for and the blossoming of new artistic collaborations in a happier time free of cares and worries, war in Europe broke out, to the alarm and consternation of us all, bringing destruction, terror and death as well as massive issues.

Krise/Crisis draws upon music composed over the past 250 years that embraces emotional turmoil, suffering, and psychological stresses. Some of the music was composed during periods of deep personal trauma for the composers which include, Haydn, Shostakovich, Mendelssohn, Janacek, Schubert, Bartok and more. This is music for our troubled times.

Recorded on the label Rubicon Classics the album is available as a digital version at the end of November and as a physical version from January 2023.

The works by Birke Bertelsmeier and Francesco Ciurlo benefited from the sponsorship of the German Music Competition. Óscar Escudero’s work received concept funding from the State of Lower Saxony as part of the Musik21 programme. The project as a whole is the recipient of a grant from the German Federal Cultural Foundation. Our production partner was Bavarian Broadcasting.
Many thanks to them all!